Q&A with Dan Schunk on Brand Pages

Walmart Media Group Creative Director Daniel Schunk explains how brands can improve their advertising results with Walmart brand pages

What is a Walmart brand page?

A brand page is a rich and immersive media experience on Walmart’s site dedicated to a single brand, product or message. Designed by Walmart Media Group’s creative team, brand pages can include video and interactive elements to tell an in-depth, visual brand story.

When should an advertiser consider investing in one?
I would recommend a Walmart brand page to:

Launch a new product or form new customer habits

A brand page offers the perfect platform to capture and educate active in-market customers. In April 2020, Walmart Media Group created a custom brand page for Schwarzkopf hair products that included an engaging, interactive choose-your-adventure style hair color quiz. This personality-based quiz generated personalized results, proved to be extremely effective in influencing customer purchase decisions. It was also a great format for Schwarzkopf to establish their expertise in the industry and showcase the breadth of their products.


Promote a cause to our Walmart.com customers


In January 2020, Always partnered with Walmart for their latest #EndPeriodPoverty efforts, a national media campaign to drive awareness around the lack of access to period products experienced by so many young girls across the country. Without the supplies they need during their periods, girls miss school, sports, and other confidence building activities which has a detrimental impact to their development.

Always wanted to continue raising awareness of this issue with an informative video on this topic and inspire everyone to act. For every view, they pledged to donate one pad to help girls stay in the activities they love. A brand page featuring a video, educational information and links to Always

products was developed by Walmart Media Group. In total, Always donated more than 1 million pads to girls in the U.S., of which their Walmart advertising campaign was a key component.


​Market products centered on an occasion or trend

Brands go all in on Holidays at Walmart, but in 2019 Hershey’s wanted to be front-and-center with Walmart customers for the entire season. Walmart Media Group created a 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Baking Hub for Hershey’s that included product carousels, shoppable recipe tiles and a video to show customers how to use Hershey’s for their holiday baking, gifting and hosting needs. The videos helped increase brand recognition, while the recipe tiles made shopping for ingredients easy, with everything on one convenient page.


Showcase a variety of products

Brand pages can showcase multiple products within the same family. Walmart Media Group built a brand page in March this year to promote the benefits of the Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food line.

The page contained a prominent carousel above the fold featuring a range of Nutrish products. As customers scrolled down the page, product benefits were interspersed with visuals, which allowed customers to find right product for their dog. The page concluded with another product carousel. This immersive experience provided customers multiple opportunities to drive discovery, education and ultimately conversion.


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