Why retail deal events should be on advertisers’ holiday wish lists
October 5, 2022
Author: Kara Rousseau, Head of Marketing, Walmart Connect

Walmart is announcing its latest deal event, "Rollbacks and More", which will begin Monday, October 10 at 5 a.m. ET, with deals running through Thursday, October 13. This will officially kick off the holiday shopping season with some amazing deals for customers. They will find deals on electronics, home, toys, fashion and more. Our data shows this is the perfect time for advertisers to connect with potential customers who are searching for value and quality.

Economic concerns — including inflation — have changed the spending habits for many this year. October marks the beginning of deals season for retailers going into holiday, and more than ever, customers are turning to online savings events to snag products on their wish lists for the best possible price. With a reputation for offering Every Day Low Prices all year round, customers are coming to Walmart to access deep discounts to thrive this holiday season. Seventy-three percent of Walmart customers surveyed believe they are getting the best possible deal when shopping at Walmart, in-store or online1.

Suppliers and sellers can take advantage of increased traffic on — especially during deal events — to reach customers when it matters most. We recently surveyed Walmart customers, and analyzed our first-party data, to learn how deal events — regardless of the retailer — influence how Walmart customers research and shop online. Use these insights to help guide your campaign planning not only through the holidays, but all deal moments.

Customers are hungry for deals and will go the extra mile to find them

Given the current inflationary conditions, we know deals and discounts are extremely important to Walmart customers — ninety percent of those surveyed said they believe sales and retail deal events are important given the current economic environment2. They’re taking more time to search for deals, too. Seventy-eight percent will search more for deals and sales and 77% percent will spend more time searching for a discount2.


Retail deal events, whether driven by Walmart or other retailers, offer a traffic and sales boost across Walmart.com3

Our research found that deal moments — whether driven by Walmart or another retailer— tend to increase traffic to Seventy-eight percent of the customers we surveyed said they used during any retail deal event in the past 12 months2.

And our platform data validates this, as well. During a recent competitor event we saw visits increase by 8%, search volume increased by 7% and sales increased by 6%3. According to eMarketer, while 44% of Prime Day digital buyers in the U.S. considered shopping only on Amazon for this summer’s Prime Day, 32% checked out Walmart, suggesting that customers are open to discovering deals from other retailers4.



Shoppers are open to discovering new products and are influenced by advertising  

Retail deal events are the perfect time for new brands to get discovered. Fifty-eight percent of Walmart customers surveyed said they would be extremely interested in discovering new brands or products during retail deal events2

Retail deal events also drive ad engagement with shoppers. Seventy-one percent of Walmart customers are likely to click on an ad on that features sales for a retail deal event such as Black Friday or Back to School savings2. Seventy-six percent of surveyed responders have somewhat or a great deal of influence when ads that feature a deal or promotion influence purchase decisions when shopping on or the Walmart app2


A Winning Deal 

Our customers know Every Day Low Prices are at our core. Online savings events provides an opportunity to demonstrate great value, especially when savvy shoppers across all retailers are looking to save. With careful planning, strategic ad placement and attention-grabbing messaging, brands selling on can take advantage of this unique season of shopping to attract and convert customers.  For insights on the latest holiday trends, visit our latest holiday guide.



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