Introducing Brand-Affinity Targeting

Brand Affinity

At Walmart Connect, we leverage Walmart’s wealth of first-party online and in-store customer data to help brands precisely target their intended audience more directly and accurately across the Walmart ecosystem. We’re continuously creating new features to ensure we’re setting our advertisers up for success as they look to connect their brands with our customers.

Our insights tell us that a brand loyal customer will spend more than a brand switcher or a customer who has no preference.  That’s why we are introducing Brand-Affinity Targeting, a new tactic that allows advertisers to use different strategies to acquire and retain customers. 

Brand-Affinity targeting categorizes customers based on their affinity strength towards a brand in a specific category. Walmart shoppers who show strong affinity to a brand are tiered as Loyalists, Switchers or Prospects. Aligning your advertising objective to these tiers will help you achieve strong campaign performance for ROAS, conversion and sales lift.

What makes Brand Affinity different from other targeting tactics?

We know our Walmart customers and what brands they have affinity to in your category. If your goal is acquisition, retention or incrementality align your objective with our tiers:

  • Loyalists: Customers in this segment have repeatedly purchased your brand as they have strong affinity to your products. Target them for retention purposes, to grow share of wallet or when launching new products.

  • Switchers: These customers have purchased several brands in the category, including sometimes yours, but they opt to purchase products based on discounts offered, item stock availability and exposure to ads. Target them to convert new buyers and to boost incremental sales.

  • Prospects: Customers in this segment have repeatedly purchased other brands in the category; rarely or never buy your brand. Target them to win new buyers and to grow awareness for your brand.

Partner with Walmart Connect today to engage with the right customers and achieve better campaign performance by tapping into Brand-Affinity targeting for Baby, Beauty & Personal Care, Food, Health, Pets and Home categories. More categories will be added in the future. Get started today with Brand-Affinity targeting at Walmart Connect. 





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