Announcing In-Market Targeting: A new tactic to target customers who are ready to buy now

By Joan Flanagan, Sr Product Marketing Manager


With the rollout of Walmart Connect’s new In-Market display targeting tactic, our advertisers now have access to an always-on, machine learning-based tactic designed to specifically target customers who are ready to buy — now. So, if your objective is to drive higher conversions and market share in designated categories, In-Market is for you. 


How it works

In-Market uses machine learning to identify segments of Walmart customers who are likely to make a purchase in the category in the next four weeks. It factors in customers’ browse, search and past purchase history, and pre-builds lists of customers who are ready to buy in high-frequency categories, such as soups and shampoos, as well as low-frequency categories, like laptops and gaming consoles. Pre-building of customer lists ensures that advertising campaigns can be initiated instantly. The audiences you need are ready. Ask us about how you can begin targeting pre-built audiences in Electronics, Food, Personal Care and more. 


Evolve your business.

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