Connecting with pet parents at Walmart
May 21, 2024

At Walmart, we know our customers prioritize their pets and shop with us to find the right products that meet their needs. In fact, 85% of customers we surveyed made an online or in-store pet-related purchase at Walmart in the past 12 months, and 63% said they have multiple pets in the home.1

The pet industry is booming,2 contributing $143.5 billion to the economy in 2023. In celebration of National Pet Month, Walmart Connect is helping brands understand the shopping behaviors of pet owners to help them connect more meaningfully with customers year-round. If you're an advertiser looking to reach laid-back cat dads, adventurous dog moms, or exotic pet enthusiasts, we can help you create a best-in-show omnichannel strategy that creates relevant experiences wherever shopping occurs.

Pet parents choose to shop at Walmart for price and convenience.

From premium food to Instagram-worthy apparel, pet owners have a variety of convenient shopping options that bring the products they love straight to their doorstep (or doggie door). 

Walmart is standing out by offering customers prices that meet their budget - 85% of surveyed Walmart customers prefer to shop at Walmart over other major retailers, and a majority say our Every Day Low Prices are a key factor.1


Since many pet parents view their pets as family members, they seek products that help enhance the lives of their animal BFFs. 46% of surveyed Walmart customers said premium, high-quality products are their top priority when purchasing new items for their pets.1 Walmart's robust product assortment offers customers more choices on pet essentials, including nutrition, health, bedding, toys and apparel.

TIP: Re-engage interested Walmart online customers while they browse other sites to encourage purchase by activating real-time retargeting on Walmart DSP. Using a recent targeting window, reach customers who have engaged with your pet products (clicked to view, placed in their cart, or viewed on search and browse results) on Walmart's digital properties but did not purchase. Retargeting maximizes a strong onsite strategy to close the loop on purchase. Also consider featuring messaging in ad creatives that highlights discounts, deals and product quality.


TIP: Walmart Connect's in-store solutions like TV Wall, Self-Checkout, and Audio provide a strategic opportunity for advertisers to boost product awareness in a store environment with many pet brands competing for consumer attention.   

Use Store Attribution reporting with Sponsored Search campaigns to measure impact on in-store transactions and to gain a holistic view of ROAS. This can provide a comprehensive understanding of how ads perform and influence sales across multiple channels.

Pet owners are omnichannel shoppers 

Walmart's omnichannel shopping experience provides customers with convenient ways to discover and purchase the products they need to care for their pets. It also provides brands multiple touchpoints to engage loyal pet owners as they search for this year's Halloween costume or pick up tasty treats during their weekly shopping trip. Pet parents want to provide their pets with the best care possible to help them live happier and healthier lives. That's why 62% of surveyed Walmart customers said they do research online before deciding on a new brand of pet food or treats for their pets.1


TIP: Retail media has evolved into a powerful strategy for brands to influence customers throughout the entire funnel – from awareness to consideration to sales. Prioritizing a strong upper funnel media strategy is foundational to help develop long term trust and deeper brand relationships with customers. It also helps build brand and product awareness with customers as they are researching and discovering new products online and in store. 

Walmart Display offers brands access to Walmart's powerful first-party omnichannel insights to reach high-quality audiences and connect the dots between online and in-store shopping experiences. Focusing on reaching broader audiences on and off Walmart's properties can help gain share of voice and scale your omnichannel customer pool at Walmart. Access closed-loop measurement that tracks actual sales in real-time for accountable brand building. 

Pets are spoiled year-round by their owners 

All furry, feathery and scaley companions require essential supplies all year round, including the basics like food, litter, bedding, grooming and health care. In addition to these necessities, several special occasions and milestones inspire Walmart customers to spoil their pets with extra gifts and surprises.


TIP: For increased visibility of your essentials, consider creating a Sponsored Products Automatic campaign for maximum exposure. For special events, use manual campaigns targeting specific keywords and seasonal products. Enhance customer engagement with a targeted brand shop page linked to your Sponsored Brands ad and highlight key products with Sponsored Videos, featured in highly visible placements on and the Walmart app.

Build your brand presence with Brand Shop and Shelf. A Brand Shop is an always-on, visible virtual storefront to tell your brand story, promote items and help extend customer reach. Use Brand Shop and/or Shelf as a landing page for paid Walmart Onsite Display, Sponsored Brands and Offsite Display campaigns.

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Sources: 1Walmart First-Party Data, Mar. 2024. Walmart Customer Spark Community, provided by Walmart Luminate. 2


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