A highly visible presence on Walmart’s site and app

Eligible Walmart suppliers and eligible Walmart Marketplace brand owners can build, launch and manage their own free Brand Shop and Shelf.


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Brand Shop and Shelf

Tap into the massive customer reach of the ​#2 eCommerce platform with Walmart-hosted destinations designed to amplify your Walmart Connect campaigns and help boost brand and item awareness and sales.

Source: Walmart first-party data, 2020.

Brand Shop
Build your virtual storefront

Tell ​your brand story, highlight specific items and extend your reach with this always-on storefront.

Promote a product collection

Showcase a curated assortment of items ​for a seasonal promotion, or around a ​theme, category or benefit. ​

Brand Shop measurement
Get performance insights into page views, visitors and orders

Identify additional optimization opportunities by measuring your shop’s views, visitors and orders across multiple metrics, available on demand through the Walmart Ad Center.

Shop Builder
Create your own free Brand Shop and Shelf

The self-serve tool available through Walmart Ad Center Shop Builder makes it easy to set up your Brand Shop and Shelf page. Brand Shop includes built-in SEO optimizations to help boost discoverability. 


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