Harness the power of Walmart’s comprehensive data at scale

At Walmart, we’ve got brand & product advertising down to a science. With Closed-loop Measurement at a massive scale only we can provide, you can understand why & how customers are finding your products, then adjust your campaign for optimal results.

Closed-loop Measurement
Campaign measurement that works smarter

Using Walmart’s proprietary omnichannel intelligence, Walmart Connect correlates your onsite & offsite campaigns with sales on our digital properties & in our physical stores. When a customer sees an ad online & makes a related purchase at Walmart, our Closed-loop Measurement recognizes & reports it.

Performance Dashboards
Manage it all from one place

Our performance dashboards make it easy to access & view up-to-date information about your campaigns. Evaluate results at a glance & adjust your campaign’s parameters, all from a streamlined single-sign-on interface.

Evolve your business

The evolution is happening, & you can be at the forefront of it all. Contact Walmart Connect & put our data, expertise & partnerships to work for you.

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