Summer means retail deals! Millions come to Walmart to shop our deals and compare prices when other retailers have deals. We help you optimize for summer traffic spikes to grow your sales. Learn more.

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Walmart Connect cares about businesses of all sizes. We level the playing field for small and mid-sized advertisers with solutions that help save time and money while driving growth in today’s dynamic retail landscape.

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No matter where you are in your advertising journey with Walmart, the resources in this one-stop hub can help you get the most out of your investment. 

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Walmart Connect fuels breakout growth for retail-ready advertisers, including those who are just getting started on our platform. Nail these four basic steps and reap the rewards!
  1. Create quality content for your item listing.
  2. Ensure product availability and fast fulfillment.
  3. Support a positive customer experience with reviews.
  4. Build a strong marketing strategy, starting with Sponsored Products. For optimal results, take the Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification ecourse.

You can do it yourself or lean on our Walmart Connect Partner Network to help you.

Optimize your advertising
Once you’ve nailed the basics, use these tools to help boost your advertising performance.
  • Enhance visibility and maximize conversion with Sponsored Brands.

  • Tell a more compelling story with Sponsored Videos.

  • Create an immersive experience with Brand Shop & Shelf.

  • Leverage our rich, first-party customer data to fine-tune targeting.

  • Use near real-time campaign tracking to measure and optimize ad performance.

Accelerate your growth
More tools to take your business to the next level when you’re ready.
  • Walmart Display shows off your brand onsite on Walmart’s digital properties, and offsite across the web and social.

  • With our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program, available through Walmart's self-serve marketing portal in the Seller Center, you can promote your products in Google search results through shopping ads.

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  Sources: 1Walmart first-party data, Jan. 2019-Dec. 2023. Includes all sponsored product campaigns during stated time period. ROAS is the ratio of total attributed sales revenue divided by ad spend.