Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification

A learning path that certifies participants to use Walmart Connect ad formats for optimal results.

Walmart Connect has launched our highly anticipated program, the Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification.

This program is designed to educate and empower advertisers and partners to become credentialed experts in our platform and products, to help drive meaningful results for the brands they represent.


This comprehensive learning path, open to all, will commence with certifications in the basics of Walmart Connect retail media and the Sponsored Search ad products that are foundational to a successful investment framework.

Each certification is made up of a series of ecourses — some have as few as two, while others are more robust, with ten or more. Participants can expect to spend anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours for a certification.

To earn a badge, participants complete coursework and a knowledge check, or simply go directly to a final time-bound assessment, requiring a passing score of 80%.

Upon receiving a passing score and completing the feedback survey, participants are granted a LinkedIn-enabled digital credential to signify mastery of the skill, which is valid for one year from date of issuance.

Walmart Connect Retail Media Walmart Connect Retail Media
Walmart Connect Retail Media
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Retail Media

Foundational knowledge on Walmart Connect’s retail media advertising solutions, including onsite, offsite, in-store and omni capabilities.

More Connect Ad Certification updates coming soon.

In 2024, new ecourses are scheduled to be added to the program to teach participants how to leverage Walmart Connect Display Self-serve, Walmart DSP, Brand Shop and In-store advertising.