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Walmart customers are searching—we can help them find you

Put your product at the head of the pack with high-visibility Search ads across Walmart’s digital properties. Boost your conversion rates for online purchases & be top-of-mind when customers head to their local Walmart store after doing online research.

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Be the first to catch their eye

Take advantage of an array of options to increase conversion—including special placement in search results, pre-checkout reminders or even a featured spot on a related product’s page.

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Put your brand in the spotlight

Show up not just among other search results, but head & shoulders above the rest. Your logo, a custom headline & up to four of your products appear at the top of the page, improving brand recognition & showcasing your product portfolio.

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Grab their attention through visual storytelling

Standout in search results with this premium, keyword-targeted video ad solution designed to improve product awareness, discoverability and consideration.

Search reporting
Measure sales with precision tools

Only Walmart Connect can track the results of your campaign across Walmart’s digital properties. Our reporting tools use proprietary Walmart customer data to help you optimize Sponsored Search campaigns of any size.

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Whether you’re looking for automation or a more managed approach, we have a service solution that’s right for you:

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