Unlocking growth for Marketplace sellers this holiday season
November 11, 2022

Author: Jyoti Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Walmart Connect

Last month we announced how Walmart Connect is making it even easier for our millions of customers to discover sellers on our platform. Our data tells us Walmart customers are open to trying new products, are looking for buying suggestions and have a growing desire to find low prices from our Marketplace sellers — nearly 90% of those surveyed1 say they are becoming more cost-conscious and 32% are open to switching brands to save. Learn how Sponsored Brands, Walmart Connect’s premium keyword-targeted search placement now available to sellers, can unlock growth and help you stand out from the competition - just in time for holidays. 

Help increase awareness, improve brand visibility, and drive conversion with Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is Walmart Connect’s premium top of view Sponsored Search placement with the highest viewability on search pages2 . Because it boosts advertised products to the top of search results, Sponsored Brands especially benefits smaller brands, new brands and brands with new products that may not yet have high organic search rankings at Walmart. The premium placement includes your brand logo, custom headline and up to four advertised items, with shoppable links.

If your advertising goal is gaining brand awareness, driving product consideration, or increasing conversions, Sponsored Brands is for you.

  • Gain brand awareness: Boost your products to the top of search results to help get the exposure you need.

  • Drive brand or product consideration: Sponsored Brands can get customers considering your products first.

  • Increase conversions: Sponsored Brands high viewability can grab the customer’s attention before they browse other search results and multiple links make buying easy.  

Are you eligible to use Sponsored Brands?

Previously limited to managed suppliers, API partners, and a small number of managed sellers, Sponsored Brands will be available for the first time to Marketplace brand owners who are registered and verified on Walmart's Brand Portal. Walmart suppliers and eligible Marketplace sellers will be able to launch and manage their own Sponsored Brands campaigns through our self-serve platform, the Walmart Ad Center. Sellers will also be able to access Sponsored Brands through Walmart Platform Partners

A Marketplace seller must meet all the following criteria as well:

  • Based in the United States, China, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom; or a pre-approved seller in India 

  • Rights owner registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office  

  • Onboarded to the Walmart Brand Portal, Walmart’s intellectual property rights management platform  

Whether you are using Sponsored Brands to launch a new or seasonal item, promote items with modest search rankings or help boost performance of higher-priced items, Sponsored Brands can position items at the top of the screen – and the top of customers' minds.

Click here for more information on Sponsored Brands.



1: Walmart first-party data, April 2022. Walmart Customer Spark Community, provided by Walmart Luminate. 

2: Walmart first-party data, 2022

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