Creative tips for maximizing your Walmart Sponsored Videos campaign
October 22, 2023

With the Introduction of Sponsored Videos on Walmart site and app search results, brands have a new opportunity to connect even more deeply with Walmart customers. With visual distractions everywhere we shop, and online platforms evolving to capture the fleeting attention of customers digitally, Sponsored Videos help you stand out from the competition, promote new and seasonal items, and educate Walmart customers about product uses and benefits. reaches an average of 120MM visitors each month1 and more than half (51%) of surveyed Walmart customers said they discover new products in their Walmart online search results.2 Video ads are designed to help brands grab the attention of this vast audience, increase consideration and drive purchases. In fact, 89% of surveyed marketing professionals and online consumers say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product.3

As video becomes an essential part of your Walmart Connect playbook, how do you ensure you're captivating and converting customers? We've compiled 5 creative tips for developing effective video ads.

1. Spotlight your product early

Competition for attention is at an all-time high, so the first few seconds of your video needs to do the heavy lifting. Within your Sponsored Videos, your product should be visible within the first three seconds, and your core message should be visible within the first five seconds.

Consider using a split screen approach to communicate a complex message and hero your product prominently at the same time. This approach is also great for showing a before and after idea.

Showing the product in use can also help customers easily understand what your ad is for and learn about your product’s key benefits. 73% of surveyed customers saying watching a short video is their preferred way to learn about a product.4

2. Design for sound off

All Sponsored Videos are muted by default, so consider using bold and simple typography to add excitement and engage customers. Include simple headlines to visually narrate key messages throughout the video.

Although brands can’t rely on audio, if customers decide to turn the volume up, music can add excitement and emotion. If a video has audio, be sure to match the tone and energy of the visuals displayed in the video.

All videos that do have audio must include closed captions to ensure the video is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant. Closed captions also help customers capture important details and read along if they don’t toggle sound on. 

3. Make your brand memorable

Make sure your brand is seen, recognized, and remembered. Include your brand logo from the start of the video and close off your video with a strongly branded end card. Persistent branding throughout your video can help reinforce brand awareness and remind

4. Think mobile-first

61% of Walmart customers say the Walmart app provides them with helpful ideas and suggestions on what to buy.5 With this mobile-first mindset, be sure to consider how your video will display on smaller screens. Show the product large enough so that it can be easily seen and make sure headlines and captions are readable. 

5. Your videos can come from anywhere

When crafting or identifying videos for your Sponsored Videos campaigns, consider product-focused content. Videos don’t always have to be big and expensive productions to be impactful. Simple animations, how-to videos, and social videos can all act as a source of inspiration or starting content for your campaign.

No video? No problem.

Whether you have existing assets or are starting from scratch, Lightbox Creative offers creative solutions. Our video team is designed to support all your video needs for Sponsored Videos, from strategy through production.

This content is brought to you by Lightbox Creative, our in-house creative team that helps suppliers drive business results with Walmart Connect’s retail media solutions through best-in-class creative. Learn more about Lightbox Creative and their mission.


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