Brand Shop and Shelf: Your virtual storefront
January 30, 2024

Walmart Connect brings brands and the 120 million weekly customers who visit Walmart online1 together. According to our data, 81% of Walmart customers we surveyed prefer to explore Walmart online for shopping ideas and inspiration.2 Our platform offers solutions for brands to reach Walmart customers wherever they are in the shopping journey. With Walmart Connect’s newest self-serve solutions now available to all Walmart suppliers and Marketplace brand owners, Brand Shop and Shelf, a virtual storefront on Walmart’s site and app, suppliers and sellers can own their brand story, manage their product portfolios, and provide a curated shopping experience for shoppers. Brand Shop and Shelf pages are versatile and can help introduce new brands to shoppers, increase brand visibility, and maintain brand loyalty. This makes them beneficial both for brands looking to grow and those aiming to reinforce their established brand presence with their loyal shoppers.

Your gateway to discovery

Customers can also be directed to Brand Shop and Shelf pages through media campaigns, which includes Sponsored Brands, Offsite and Onsite Display, and Social, as well as other media activations. Customers shopping at Walmart can learn about brands and their products through organic discovery of Brand Shop on Walmart's site and app. Whether it be a customer coming across a new product or completing a purchase, Brand Shop and Shelf allows your brand to have a consistent and discoverable presence, helping to influence customers and boosting your sales.

Create your Brand Shop quickly and easily

The self-serve tool available through Walmart Ad Center Shop Builder makes it easy to set up your Brand Shop and Shelf page. The Brand Shop and Shelf pages are compatible with desktop, mobile web, and app platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. 


To learn more about how you can use Brand Shop and Shelf to help build brand awareness and drive sales view our Brand Shop pages for inspiration.

Measure your performance

Once your Brand Shop is up and running, it's important to track your performance. Walmart Ad Center provides metrics to help you measure the success of your Brand Shop. Metrics like Page Views, Visitors, Units Sold help you better understand how to effectively meet the needs of your customers.

Make the most of your Brand Shop and Shelf with these Helpful Tips:

  • Champion diversity - Reflect diverse families in your marketing to make everyone feel included.
  • Understand your customer - Walmart's promise is to help customers live better by saving money (and time).  
  • Share your brand's story - Use your Brand Shop to showcase your brand's journey.
  • Be playful - Use humor and creativity to make your brand engaging and memorable. 
  • Show product use - Use lifestyle images to show how customers can use your products in real life.

Get started today with your Brand Shop and Shelf by visiting the Brand Shop & Shelf page for more information and helpful tips on how to leverage Brand Shop and Shelf to drive awareness and sales for your brand.


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2Walmart first-party data, June 2023, “E-Commerce Claims Custom Survey, Walmart Customer Spark Community, provided by Walmart Luminate.


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