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Accelerate your growth by advertising with America’s largest omnichannel retailer.

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How Walmart Connect Is Putting Walmart's Purpose in Motion

At Walmart Connect we are relentlessly focused on helping brands solve their biggest marketing challenges through customer-centric solutions. See what our advertisers and partners can expect from us this year in this blog post by Rich Lehrfeld, Senior Vice President and General Manager

We are taking retail media to the next level

We put Walmart’s scale, reach and proprietary customer data to work for advertisers of all sizes. With access to our Closed-loop Measurement, you can track your campaign’s impact on sales across Walmart’s site and app, in our stores, and, for some campaigns, in the rest of the market.

We’re taking retail media to the next level

No other platform can correlate online & in-store activity at scale like Walmart. Our closed-loop system provides a holistic view of Walmart customer behavior & creates accountable, measurable results for your business.

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Grow & evolve your business with Walmart

Walmart is America’s largest retailer, serving 90% of U.S. households2 & employing over 1.5 million associates nationwide3. With Walmart Connect, we’re building on that success to bring customers & advertising partners together like never before.

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Whatever your goals, whether you’re a Marketplace seller or a global brand, we can help you discover new ways to connect with and engage Walmart customers.
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Stand out and be discovered

Help Walmart customers find your products as they search and browse our site and app. Static and video ads appear in prominent, high-traffic placements in search results and/or on browse, category, item and pre-checkout pages.

1. Walmart first-party data, 2021. *based on revenue. 2020. 2. Walmart first-party data, Behavioral Sciences A&U Study, November 2020. 3. Walmart first-party data, 2021.