Walmart Holiday Playbook: Shining a light on opportunities in the 2021 season
September 15, 2021

Walmart Holiday Playbook: Shining a light on opportunities in the 2021 season

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means big opportunity for advertisers. More customers are willing to give your brand a try during the season of giving than any other time of year;So, we’ve created this Walmart Holiday Playbook — a multi-page infographic — to put key stats, insights, trends and tips into the hands of our advertisers as you plan your holiday campaigns.

Did you know 54% of Walmart customers surveyed anticipate spending the same or more on electronics during the upcoming holiday season as in 2020? Or that;customers purchased food and beverages at a rate of $1;billion per week at Walmart stores and last holiday season? Surveys suggest gaming sales — video games, software, accessories, digital cards, and more — will soar to new heights this holiday season. And who would have guessed vacuum cleaners would be among the unlikely heroes of the 2020 holidays at Walmart?

The Walmart Holiday Playbook dives into key categories ranging from Beauty, Electronics, and Floor Care, to Food & Beverage, Toys, Gaming, Wireless, and more. It's the biggest season of the calendar year and Walmart Connect is here to help you connect with customers in meaningful ways.

Holiday Infographic
Holiday Infographic-two
Holiday Infographic-three
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