Walmart DSP: Delivering hyper-relevant campaigns, clear accountability, flexibility and control
November 2, 2021

By Jeff Clark, VP of Product, Walmart Connect

Connecting with shoppers ahead of their purchase decision to drive awareness and consideration is imperative for marketers. But with increasingly fragmented shopper journeys, reaching shoppers where they are has become harder. According to recent GWI Core study, daily time spent with media has increased by 63 percent globally over the last ten years and on average, no individual channel captures more than a fifth of consumers’ time spent with media globally. It’s critical to reach shoppers outside of the shopping context, wherever they are, to continue to build connection points all the way to the point of purchase.

That’s why we’ve designed the Walmart DSP, a first-of-its kind demand-side platform. Walmart DSP was built in partnership with the world’s leading independent DSP,  The Trade Desk, to pioneer a new frontier in digital advertising to help advertisers reach shoppers with an open, transparent, and objective platform while upholding privacy standards.

Unlike other DSP products in the market, this standalone platform combines the best-in-class technology and performance of The Trade Desk with the robust scale of Walmart’s unparalleled first-party omnichannel data, allowing advertisers to be more effective with their overall media spend. Because inspiration, discovery and purchase can happen anywhere, suppliers can broaden their reach and engage with customers wherever they are and bring them back to the Walmart ecosystem.

These are a few of the reasons we know you’ll be just as excited as we are: 

Reach audiences with greater precision: 
Layer Walmart audience segments onto your first-party and approved third-party data to reach your customers​. Walmart DSP allows advertisers to reach specific audiences with increased precision by leveraging Walmart’s past purchase and predictive audience segments, as well as brand-level shopping behavior data from across the entire Walmart ecosystem, including our website, app and our 4,700 physical stores. Simply put, Walmart DSP delivers greater precision, so you win.

Access The Trade Desk’s premium inventory and private marketplaces: 
Advertisers gain full access to The Trade Desk’s premium inventory and integrated private marketplaces, including display, video, mobile, connected TV, and audio. So, you can target and measure multiple inventory sources against Walmart closed-loop data.

Manage your own campaign using optimization and brand-safety tools: 
Walmart DSP helps marketers practice standard privacy protocols and brings together the latest safety tools from Walmart and The Trade Desk. This includes anti-fraud algorithms, a dedicated marketplace quality team,​ exclusion and inclusion lists, sensitive site blocking, and more. 

Control frequency across all campaign touchpoints: 
Advertisers told us they need more control to reduce waste. Now, you have the ability to directly manage frequency caps between Walmart DSP and The Trade Desk.

Send customers to Walmart’s digital shopping experience or to your external brand landing page:
For advertisers focused on sales conversions, driving to Walmart is key. For those who are trying to generate awareness and consideration, you have the ability to drive customers to a brand page where they can learn more. 

Track the impact of your campaign through Walmart Closed-Loop Measurement:
Walmart DSP delivers actionable, granular, in-flight and post-campaign reporting on media performance — and measures sales that happen both online and in-store.

We want to make it easier for brands and advertising agencies to partner with us through programmatic and self-serve solutions. Walmart DSP is the latest release in our product innovation pipeline — delivering the opportunity to build hyper-relevant campaigns, clear accountability, and flexibility and control. Work with Walmart Connect to tap into this and other omni solutions to accelerate your business.

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