Walmart Connect Joins Forces with Top Health & Wellness, Personal Care, and Apparel Brands to Champion Women's Health
October 12, 2023

Walmart Connect understood the assignment when it came to getting their customers ready for back-to-school. As college-bound students prepared to hit the books, Walmart Connect helped advertisers elevate their products online and in-store and enhanced the shopper experience through education to their audience.

How knowledge and learning can elevate the customer journey

This September, Walmart Connect along with several leading health and wellness brands, (Hanes®, Midol®, Thinx®, U by Kotex®, Carefree®, and The Period Company®) launched #OwnYourFlow, an initiative aimed to break the stigma surrounding periods, and promote women's education. Walmart Connect and its partners are seizing a prime opportunity to reach out to young women during a time of change and transition. As students head back-to-school and parents prepare for the challenges of the new academic year, this initiative offers a much-needed source of support, education, and empowerment. When brands advocate for a cause, their audience tends to listen. Data shows that 38% of Walmart customers expect the brands they buy to support social causes.1 By taking an active role in promoting women's health, Walmart Connect and its partners are solidifying Walmart's reputation as the go-to destination for customers' personal needs. 

How Walmart Connect brought #OwnYourFlow to life

The #OwnYourFlow campaign features several key components, all designed to create a comprehensive and informative platform for women's health. Through a dedicated brand page offering resources for period health education, including articles, video, and a curated product assortment designed to make school, active lifestyles, and parenting easier, to on/offsite and search media supporting the campaign, #OwnYourFlow is helping to ensure that as many people as possible can access the valuable information and resources provided to choose the products that are right for high school students.  

Reaching and serving customers through education

Whether customers are open to discovering a new product, considering which brand is best for purchase, or ready to convert to a sale, we’re helping customers connect with brands they’ll love by providing education and knowledge. 

To learn more about how Walmart Connect can help you connect more meaningfully to Walmart customers, get in touch.


1MRI 2022: Shops at Walmart or Walmart Supercenter 5+ a month, has purchased Midol or any sanitary napkins/tampons in the last 6 months | sample size: 1,919.

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