Search best practices: How to take advantage of our latest enhancements
June 6, 2022

Walmart Sponsored Search is essential to any omni campaign. Sponsored Products ads, in particular, get your products in front of customers who are actively searching for related items on Walmart’s site and app.

One of our biggest areas of focus at Walmart Connect this year is improving Search advertising capabilities to deliver even more impact to advertisers and better experiences for our customers.

We’re making it easier for customers to discover relevant Sponsored Products while they are actively searching and browsing on Walmart.

In this post, we’ve summarized our recommended best practices to take advantage of these recent changes. 

Search relevancy & content quality

In April, we introduced enhancements to search relevancy for Sponsored Products campaigns. Relevancy is determined by how closely the advertised product matches the customer’s intent, the ad’s contextual relevancy and the product’s historical performance at Walmart – but the quality of your ad content is the key to winning at search. By optimizing ad content, you can improve efficiency, increase discoverability, gain repeat customers and maximize return on ad spend.

  • Creating high-quality ad content includes using succinct product titles, compelling images, clear product descriptions, have customer ratings and reviews, and accurate categorization of items.
  • Frequently managing and updating this content increases the likelihood that your ads are relevant to what customers are searching for and helps you compete for better ad placement.

To help Walmart advertisers optimize their Search ad content and take advantage of our latest Sponsored Products enhancements, our product team created this best practices guide. It highlights all the ways you can optimize the relevancy of your ads to better reach Walmart customers. 

Learn more about creating relevant and compelling Sponsored Product ads by reaching out to the Walmart Connect team here.


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