Introducing seamless campaign migrations with Walmart Platform Partners
March 9, 2022

Walmart Platform Partners make it easier for brands and sellers to advertise with Walmart – like scaling, automating and optimizing their Sponsored Products and Search Brand Amplifier campaigns. Now, onboarding is faster and easier thanks to our updated process that seamlessly migrates your existing campaigns to a platform partner.


This service is available to all Walmart Connect advertisers – whether you’re a managed or self-serve supplier, seller, or are a platform partner yourself. 

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How to initiate campaign migrations:

  • Once an advertiser is ready to migrate their campaigns to a new partner, the partner will submit an onboarding form via our API Ads Partner Case Management.
  • From there, Walmart Connect will ensure that the advertiser’s account and all campaign structures are imported to a partner’s platform within two business days (standard turnaround time).
  • Advertisers can then provide their new partner with all historical campaign data by sharing on-demand performance reports from the legacy account.


This new, automated onboarding process helps advertisers get up-and-running quicker with a new partner. Contact us today to learn more and find the Walmart Platform Partner to help you succeed.




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