Performance-By-Tactic reporting & more now available via your campaign dashboard


The performance dashboard tool associated with your Walmart display campaigns just took a few game-changing steps forward — delivering more automation and insights to help you succeed.

First, you now have access to performance-by-tactic reporting via your dashboard, giving you a direct line of sight into which targeting tactics are performing best — while the campaign is running. Until now, determining whether Audience or Contextual targeting was driving better RoAS meant waiting for the Measurement Insights and Analytics team to deliver results four to six weeks after a campaign had ended, or going in yourself and manually and doing the calculations using data from the dashboard.

With these clean and easy-to-read new visualizations, you have a clear picture of how each tactic is performing while the campaign is unfolding, allowing you to adjust confidently on the fly. You have everything you need to determine which tactics to shift your investments to and from in real-time, in order to drive better results. 

These dashboard improvements are another way we’re working to put additional insights at your fingertips. We’re ensuring a better user experience by saving you time and creating value and opportunity through a more robust level of reporting. Partner with us today. 


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