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The global spread of COVID-19 impacts every aspect of life, and Walmart is evolving quickly to meet the dramatically changing needs of our communities. This week’s launch of no-contact payment, pickup and delivery services are just one of the many ways we’re innovating in real time to keep our valued customers and hard-working associates safe.


To be here for customers who need us is a responsibility the entire Walmart organization takes very seriously. At Walmart Media Group, we’re doing our part by making sure our advertisers’ campaigns continue to support and inform Walmart customers. As you can imagine, demand for items like hand sanitizers, disinfectants and baby items has surged, creating higher than usual out-of-stock rates. As a responsibility to our advertisers and our customers, we’ve made the decision to pause ads in these categories. Walmart is working to quickly replenish supplies, and Walmart Media Group will post campaign updates for our advertisers as we monitor supply chains.

Unprecedented changes in customer behavior

In addition to noticeable changes in the types of items Walmart customers are shopping for, we’ve also seeing sudden changes in the way they shop at Walmart. Over eight weeks, daily downloads of the Walmart Online Grocery app have increased by triple digits and the number of first-time customers by double digits. "Pickup today" orders on have doubled in four weeks. This represents an opportunity to continue to serve them in innovative ways.

More demand in cozy categories

The realities of sheltering at home have brought growth in categories that help Walmart customers stay productive, well and comfortable including:                                                                                                            

Work-from-home essentials. searches for specialty laptops, such as chromebooks,  have jumped significantly since March,  as have searches for ethernet cable and webcams. Traffic  to computer pages has spiked 40% since mid-January. And as office workers adapt to video  meetings, "women’s tops" has been a Top-3 search category each week. (Interestingly, "women’s  pants" has not.)


Family entertainment. Video games and electronics have been the leading search categories on for eight weeks, but transactions for toys, books and puzzles have increased by  50% in six weeks. Fun fact: Walmart has sold more than 34 million wooden arts-and-crafts sticks 

in the U.S. this month.


 Health, beauty and wellness. has seen sharp spikes in searches for skin care, facial cleanser, nail maintenance, nail polish and artificial nails.


 Pets. A record double-digit conversion uplift in pet-related products proves Walmart customers are devoted to their animals.


The coronavirus pandemic is changing every day. But with the care and participation of everyone, the world will get through it. Walmart Media Group and our advertising partners can do our part to help customers be well and enjoy a few of life’s little pleasures. Visit to learn more.


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