Introducing Display Auction—providing greater control and efficiency for self-serve campaigns
March 27, 2023

Author: Chris Tyau, Lead Product Marketing Manager, Walmart Connect

Value and impact are at the front of marketers’ minds as they evaluate advertising strategies and spending amidst ongoing market pressures. At Walmart Connect, we are focused on evolving our solutions to give advertisers even greater control and efficiency over their campaigns, such as introducing the Walmart DSP and launching second-price auction last year for Sponsored Search. 

Last year, we also released our Display Self-serve platform, which provides more speed, flexibility and control to quickly and easily launch and manage Display campaigns. Today, we are now introducing Display Auction on the Display Self-serve platform, empowering advertisers to bid on available Walmart Onsite Display inventory for self-serve campaigns.

Reach campaign goals by tapping into more inventory and extending your audience reach

This launch is a big step towards giving Walmart advertisers greater access to more growth opportunities through Display ads. These ad experiences already help brands amplify their messages to build consideration with new audiences, capture in-market shoppers browsing the Walmart site that have not searched for their brand and connect with customers that showed search intent but did not add to cart or convert. 

With Display Auction, advertisers can:

  • Set and control the price you pay: This highly cost-effective buying model allows advertisers to compete via auction for available inventory, set daily and lifetime budgets and set minimum and maximum bids. This means more pricing efficiency and control.

  • Quickly unlock additional inventory and audiences: Access to inventory that was not secured in advance for other campaigns means more flexibility – like capitalizing on traffic surges during key moments on Walmart’s site and app.

  • Real-time campaign management: Advertisers can maintain full control over flight dates and ad-serving frequency at campaign launch, access important performance and delivery metrics in-flight, and learn from campaign performance reports post-campaign.

How to get the most value and make the most impact

Display Auction can make Onsite Display campaigns more efficient, helping advertisers reach additional Walmart audiences and identify the best strategy for their goals. Here are some tips to consider to get the most out of your campaigns: 

  • Test tactics and strategies: During campaign setup on the Display Self-serve platform, build multiple line items under a campaign. Then test various targeting tactics and creative strategies to identify which will most effectively and efficiently reach your goals.

  • Optimize in-flight: Use Display Self-serve's robust, real-time reporting to monitor performance and adjust your targeting, scheduling, bid strategy and creatives any time throughout your campaign – like pausing or optimizing underperforming line items and reallocating that spend to top-performing line items.

  • Learn from performance: After your campaign ends, take advantage of those easy-to-use reporting tools to gather insights for your next campaign, including buyer analysis, bid performance report and campaign KPI performance. 

Display Auction is designed to be transformative for Walmart Onsite Display advertisers seeking more flexibility, and the power to control pricing and optimize their own campaign investment.

Contact our team to learn more about Walmart Connect’s Display Self-serve Platform and how you can get started with Display Auction.

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