Captivate Walmart store customers

Make a big impression when they’re the most motivated, with in-store placements that continue to drive awareness & conversion.

TV Wall ads

Turn their heads

Catch their eye with premium placement on thousands of in-store TV screens across the nation. So you can remind & influence Walmart customers as they’re actively making purchase decisions.

Self-checkout ads

Influence point-of-purchase & future decisions

Show up at checkout to keep the journey going. Our Closed-loop Measurement can even verify when Self-checkout ads influence a later purchase on our digital properties or the next time they walk in.

Community events

Create an unforgettable experience

Put Walmart’s massive physical footprint to work for you.  Customize your community connection through sponsored events at Walmart stores. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

Evolve your business

The evolution is happening, & you can be at the forefront of it all. Contact Walmart Connect & put our data, expertise & partnerships to work for you.

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