How Suggested Bids enhancements will help advertisers optimize bid strategies
March 7, 2023

Author: Jyoti Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Walmart Connect

Search strategies are more critical than ever for advertisers to reach and exceed their performance goals, and we are committed to evolving our Sponsored Search products to deliver more impact for advertisers and better experiences for our customers.  Last year, we launched the Suggested Bids feature, an essential element to managing any Sponsored Search campaign, and last month we introduced our latest enhancements.

The feature provides strategic pricing guidance for advertisers who are setting up manual and automatic Sponsored Search campaigns on the Walmart Ad center platform.  By providing advertisers with a starting point for their bids, it has the potential to help increase their probability of winning auctions with competitive bid suggestions.

The latest enhancements introduced provide more granular automated bid-price recommendations based on winning bids for similar ads. Before, bid-price recommendations were offered at the category level for automatic and manual campaigns. Now, these recommendations are offered at the product type level and at the keyword level for broad, phrase, and exact-match keywords across all demand channels, a feature that is designed to help further maximize your campaign performance. See examples of automatic and manual campaigns below.

Here’s a recap of the Suggested Bid enhancements:

See the pre and post enhancement comparison matrix below: 


When should an advertiser use suggested bids?

  • When you need a comparison point: If you already know your average CPC (Cost per Click), then Suggested Bids can provide a helpful comparison point.
  • Looking for comparative insights: The suggested bid can give advertisers helpful insight into what others are bidding on and provide a good place to start.

How to use: 

When building Manual and Automatic Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands campaigns, you’ll now see our suggested bids are automatically added to keyword match type, which are calculated by analyzing recently won bids of similar ads.  

For Automatic campaigns

For Automatic Sponsored Search campaigns, the suggested bid appears next to each item in the campaign. 


For Manual campaigns

For Manual Sponsored Search campaigns, the suggested bid appears under the Keywords section for broad, phrase, and exact-match keywords.


By using the enhancements to Suggested Bids, advertisers can remove bidding guesswork and increase the chances of their ads being served. These enhancements take advertisers one step closer to connecting Walmart customers who are searching - with their products.

Find more information on Suggested Bids and FAQs by visiting our Help Center.

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