Four ways businesses of all sizes are winning with Walmart Connect in today's competitive retail landscape
April 22, 2024

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If you’re feeling the toll of ever-evolving retail channels and dwindling returns, growing data privacy requirements, and ongoing economic uncertainty, you’re not alone. Businesses of all sizes are finding solutions through Walmart Connect. The omnichannel media platform from Walmart levels the playing field for businesses helping to save time and money while driving performance in today's dynamic retail landscape. 

With over 120 million monthly visitors to Walmart’s site and app1 and 22% eCommerce growth in FY242, there’s a significant opportunity for both established and emerging brands to grow alongside one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms2. Walmart Connect is invested in your success because when your customers win, we all win.

Here are four ways to grow your business with Walmart Connect:

1. Capitalize on mutually beneficial growth.

Building a strong brand presence with Walmart Connect goes beyond just advertising. It's about partnering with a company that prioritizes your success as much as its own. We champion emerging brands by investing through Walmart Start — a program that can fuel your online growth and Open Call — an event that offers Marketplace sellers an opportunity for a presence in-store. It's a win-win. Our goal is to help you grow your business, which in turn leads to happier customers for both you and Walmart.

  • Proof? Walmart Marketplace sellers and sales witnessed double-digit growth last year:
    • During peak season, a whopping 40% of orders included items from small and mid-sized businesses on our platform3.
    • In FY24, Walmart Connect U.S. ad sales soared by 22%, with more than 50% from Marketplace sellers2.

See how Best Naturals found success by implementing a strong marketing strategy to boost visibility and sales.

We're constantly evolving to empower your business. This year, we’re laser-focused on:

  • Smarter ads backed by automated data-driven solutions that help drive precision, performance and sales, including a suite of bidding options to help achieve greater return on ad spend.

  • Access to comprehensive and actionable data to better understand your customers and their buying journey. 

  • New ad formats that can help you stand out from the crowd, aid in improving relevancy, and encourage customers to learn more about your products.

  • A more seamless user experience that automates onboarding, making it easier to get started and manage your business on Walmart’s site and app. For example, we are integrating Walmart Seller Center — where you manage your product listings on Walmart Marketplace, and Walmart Connect Ad Center — where you manage your advertising campaigns. 

2. Reach millions of customers who are looking for products like yours.

  • As the #1 retail leader4 and #2 eCommerce platform in the U.S.5, we offer:

    • An unmatched customer base: 90% of American households shop at Walmart6.
    • Continuous online growth: we're constantly attracting new customers across diverse demographics that are all eager to discover exciting new brands like yours.
    • Discoverability: 69% of online customers surveyed say they are extremely or very interested in new brands and products that are sold at Walmart7
  • Your product assortment provides our customers with more choices, and Walmart Connect can help your brand stand out to millions of customers not found on other platforms.

3. Drive the results you want with easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions.

Our top priority is helping businesses maximize return on investment. With Walmart Connect Sponsored Search, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This minimizes your upfront investment and ensures you're getting the most out of your marketing budget. Additionally, Walmart Connect utilizes AI-powered solutions to help streamline your advertising efforts. This can help you reach your target audience at critical moments in their shopping journey, helping to maximize your return on ad spend.

  • On average, Marketplace sellers that advertise see a 4:1 ROAS8.

4. Gain actionable insights with powerful measurement tools.

  • Our rich, proprietary data empowers you to:
    • Uncover opportunities and untapped customers to make smart marketing decisions.
    • Fine-tune your targeting with precision to maximize your budget.
    • Enjoy near-real time campaign tracking for immediate adjustments and optimizations.
  • Boston Consulting Group reports that companies with exceptional measurement capabilities experience a 20% to 40% improvement in spending efficiency and a 10% increase in marketing effectiveness10.

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