Expanding our Partner Network to make creative services available to advertisers of all sizes
May 23, 2023

Author: Diana Finster, Head of Agency and Technology Partnerships for Walmart Connect

At Walmart Connect, we are focused on helping suppliers and sellers of all sizes drive growth by increasing access to self-service advertising tools. Our Partner Network plays a key role to expand advertiser support, increase services and deliver access anywhere advertisers need to have it.  

One critical area for support is ad creative for self-serve ad formats. Today, we shared that we will be expanding our network to include Creative Partners.

These partners will become available to self-serve advertisers in June, providing access to hands-on, insights-driven support for Walmart ad creative.

The power of impactful creative

Ad creative plays a critical role in ad campaign effectiveness. But we understand it can be challenging for self-serve advertisers – particularly smaller businesses – to get the support they need for their ad creative, especially as our self-serve ad formats evolve. Those challenges might be creating content, iterating creative based on performance, or even just understanding best practices for the Walmart customer.

That’s why we’ve prioritized creative services as the next phase of our Partner Network expansion.

These partners can help to increase advertiser growth at Walmart by optimizing ad creative to connect with customers wherever they are in their shopping journey. Access to these services will become even more essential to Walmart’s self-serve advertisers as we introduce new ad experiences across our full-funnel, omnichannel solutions.

Introducing Creative Partners

Creative Partners – such as VidMob, WhyteSpyder, Kaizen Ad, It's and The Mars Agency – will offer a variety of creative services to support Walmart Connect’s self-serve ad platforms, subject to eligibility requirements. These partners provide creative expertise and insights via a combination of managed services and proprietary technology for services such as:

  • Item set-up and detail page optimization, which are the foundation of a successful Sponsored Search campaign

  • Video creation and editing – such as for Sponsored Videos, which continues to rollout to Walmart advertisers

  • Display content support, across available placements and formats

Introducing the Walmart Connect Partner Network  

This expansion marks the continued evolution of Walmart Connect’s partnership ecosystem, now known as the Walmart Connect Partner Network, to unlock growth for advertisers of all sizes. The network includes:

  • Solution Partners: Suppliers and sellers have 19 API partner options – formerly known as Walmart Platform Partners – to help scale, automate, and optimize search campaigns. Our most recent API partner is Helium10; Creative Partners also now join the Solution cohort.

  • Service Partners: More than 80 agencies help Walmart advertisers plan, buy and optimize media through Walmart Connect.

  • Technology Partners: Walmart Connect works with a variety of partners to offer a robust set of offsite placements, like Meta and Pinterest, and capabilities, such as The Trade Desk. For example, Walmart Connect partnered with The Trade Desk to create a standalone demand-side platform called the Walmart DSP, which combines TTD’s best-in-class technology and performance with the powerful scale of Walmart’s unparalleled first-party, omnichannel customer insights.

Expanding our partner network means more opportunities for suppliers and sellers of all sizes to be successful when advertising with Walmart Connect. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about getting started with our new Creative Partners!

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