Cool tips for summer beverage advertisers from
Walmart Media Group

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As the weather heats up, Americans turn to Walmart to quench their thirst. searches and page visits for energy drinks surged 28% in summer 2019 when compared to months leading up to summer, while year-over-year sales of water products grew by double digits on Walmart’s site.

For beverage advertisers ready to tap into these two fast-growing categories, Walmart Media Group suggests a visually engaging Display campaign that begins on Walmart’s digital properties and recaptures your targeted Walmart audience across the web and social media. That way, when they’re thirsting to buy, they’ll already have your products in mind.

Make the most of your Walmart Display beverage campaign with these summer strategies:

Take advantage of the moment
Walmart’s summer season, which begins in June and continues through Back-to-School, is a key sales period for beverages. A summer spin is a must for an effective campaign. Connecting your products to Walmart customers’ current needs helps create a sense of urgency for a seasonal purchase.

Showcase your entire beverage portfolio
Brands with a suite of products such as water, energy drinks or tea should consider investing in a devoted brand page on These custom-made landing pages combine creative, copy and optional media such as video or interactive quizzes and group all of a brand’s chosen products in one place. Use your brand page to educate Walmart customers on your products’ health, hydration and flavor benefits, to promote multiple products or to launch a new product.

Keep branding and packaging consistent
Summer is a key season for beverages at Walmart, so it’s worth spending a little extra time to make sure the look of your Display campaign harmonizes with your product packaging, and that all of your advertising is visually uniform across Walmart’s digital properties and offsite as well. This coherent look and feel improves your brand recognition and assures a better experience for Walmart customers.


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