Celebrating the successful completion of our 1st MRC audit
September 12, 2023

Author: Rich Lehrfeld, General Manager and SVP, Walmart Connect

We’re excited to announce that Walmart Connect has successfully completed a Media Rating Council (MRC) audit of our first-party ad measurement for owned and operated display media. The audit covered the measurement of onsite Display ads in desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app environments, which is shared through Walmart Connect’s direct server integration with Oracle Moat – a third-party ad verification partner – to provide independent processing and reporting of Walmart owned and operated ad exposure metrics. 

This marks a huge milestone for our commitment to transparency with our measurement practices, and an important step toward accredited measurement for the brands who advertise with us.

The MRC is a self-regulatory organization established at the request of Congress that audits and accredits media measurement products and data sources across digital, out-of-home, print, radio, television, and cross-media products. Throughout my career as a marketer, MRC accreditation has been considered the gold standard in advertising, and I couldn’t be prouder for Walmart Connect to reach the successful completion of this audit – joining industry leaders across the digital ad space, well beyond retail media.

Walmart Connect is continuing to work with the MRC to provide transparent, verified accountability of our ad tech stack, including accreditation of third-party measurement solution Oracle Moat.

"Working with Walmart and the MRC to bring 3rd Party measurement of viewability and sophisticated invalid traffic detection to this important pillar of retail media is very exciting and we look forward to sharing more news on our progress soon" – Rachel Creel-McGuire, Vice President of Measurement Solutions, Oracle Advertising

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