Tap our Walmart Platform Partners to create and manage your Search Brand Amplifier campaigns 

By Shefali Singla, Senior Manager Product Management and Dionne Resnik, Ad Tech Partnerships


Because the ability to scale, automate and optimize advertising play significant roles in driving results, we continue to find opportunities to put more tools at your fingertips. That’s why we’ve created the option for you to now tap our Walmart Platform Partners to purchase, create and manage your Search Brand Amplifier (SBA) campaigns.


Our premium search placement, SBA showcases your brand and a curated product portfolio to customers actively searching Walmart’s site and app for products like yours. If you want to dominate search, this is invaluable, as customers are two times more likely to view an SBA placement than any other search ads.


Working with Walmart Platform Partners creates the opportunity for brands to:


- Access Walmart’s diverse shopper audience – every income level and demographic shops with Walmart. 

- Reach a larger pool of shoppers while consolidating ad purchasing, reporting, and receiving expert support.

- Consolidate media buying and optimization, while streamlining reporting through one platform. 

- Gain greater transparency and control, while leveraging the partner network to scale ad revenue and accelerate growth.


It’s the latest example of Walmart Connect giving you the control and tools you need to make informed decisions and drive results. Partner with us today. 


Evolve your business.

The evolution is happening, and you can be at the forefront of it all. Join Walmart Connect and put our partners, expertise, and data to work for you.

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