Reach across categories with Macro-Contextual Targeting 

By Joan Flanagan, Sr Product Marketing Manager

Walmart’s first-party omnichannel retail data is the foundation of everything we do — and we’re using it to connect advertisers more meaningfully in our customers’ everyday lives. One example is our new Macro-Contextual Targeting, which allows advertisers the opportunity to expand the reach of their display campaigns across categories to meet customers wherever they happen to be on  

When our customers shop, they want to see relevant content that helps or improves their shopping experience. Advertisers want to target Walmart customers when they’re looking at product pages or content related to their category. So they want to deliver more contextual targeted ads — and Macro-Contextual Targeting allows them to do so.  

Macro-Contextual Targeting uses machine learning to identify categories that are relevant to the advertiser. Display ads are served in the product’s immediate category as well as additional categories, based on data-driven contextual recommendations.   

For example, we know many moms who shop for baby food may also be searching for food containers or baby cleaning supplies. So, Macro-Contextual Targeting allows ads to appear on relevant Food, Baby and Household Essentials pages, whereas Standard-Contextual Targeting would only be visible within the Baby Food category.  

Ask us about how you can begin leveraging Macro-Contextual Targeting to reach across categories to reach customers during their shopping journey.  


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