Grow your sales during high-traffic times at America's #1 retailer

Insights, tips and best practices to help you connect with customers who are searching for value during retail deal events on

Source: Fortune, August 2023.

From Back to School to Holiday to Sale events and all of the big pop-up events in between, Walmart customers shop with us to find the best value and price.

And when other retailers have big sales, our site and app traffic explodes with shoppers coming to Walmart to compare prices.

With our proprietary customer insights and actionable best practices, brands can create media strategies and campaign optimizations that connect brands with Walmart customers to help spur sales during these big traffic surges.

Connect with customers during retail deal events – driven by any retailer.

...the savings from retailer deal events are important to them, considering the current economic situation and concerns around inflation.1

Learn how customers approach these moments and how you can take advantage of the increased site traffic from high-intent shoppers.


Deal events provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate great value, especially when savvy shoppers across all retailers are looking to save.

With careful planning, strategic ad placement and attention-grabbing messaging, you can take advantage of this unique season of shopping to attract and convert customers.