New for Walmart Advertisers: Campaign Performance Dashboards

On-demand access to omnichannel reporting for all Walmart Media Group Display and Sponsored Products campaigns

Walmart is the largest omnichannel retailer in the U.S. With 90% of America shopping at or on Walmart each year1, 4,7532 physical stores across the U.S. and a rapidly growing ecommerce presence, no other retailer has access to this quantity or quality of first-party, omnichannel retail data.  At Walmart Media Group, our goal is to enable our advertisers to connect and engage with these customers on our digital properties and in our stores.

We are committed to driving clear and insightful campaign insights for our suppliers as we deepen these partnerships on the marketing and advertising front. Providing full transparency into these omnichannel marketing campaigns is foundational as we continue to earn our partners’ trust. To that end, today we are taking a bold step forward with the launch of the first on-demand omnichannel reporting solution at scale: Performance Dashboards.

Available for all Walmart Display and Sponsored Products campaigns, Performance Dashboards provide advertisers with on-demand visibility into how their campaigns are performing in Walmart stores and on Walmart’s digital properties.

Advertisers can access these dashboards through the new Walmart Ad Center platform. In the coming months, you’ll start to see the Walmart Ad Center name on setup and reporting updates for your new and existing campaigns.

A complete advertising platform.

Advertisers want full transparency into and control over their campaigns. They want to launch, monitor and manage their campaigns from a single, centralized platform. A platform that provides on-demand insights into the performance of their campaigns both in-store and online. Walmart Media Group’s journey toward providing advertisers with self-serve options began in 2019 with the Walmart Sponsored Products self-serve platform. In January, we launched the Walmart Advertising Partners program, which allows advertisers to run their Sponsored Products campaigns through select third-party AdTech platforms. Our journey toward transparency and control continues with Walmart Ad Center, a unified platform from which advertisers can measure the omnichannel impact of their campaigns


Multi-dimensional data visualizations.

Advertisers can now access Performance Dashboards through our new Walmart Ad Center, a single sign-on self-serve platform to manage and measure campaigns all in one place. Advertisers can access their live campaigns whenever they want. There are two Performance Dashboards: one for Display and one for Sponsored Products. While hosted on the same platform, each dashboard has different metrics that are applicable to the campaign.


A strong foundation for innovation.

Walmart Media Group ran beta tests with more than a dozen large advertisers including Nestlé Purina, Procter & Gamble, Mondelez and Clorox and received rave reviews of Walmart Ad Center and the Performance Dashboards based on the on-demand access to omnichannel conversion data they simply can’t get at this scale anywhere else.

James Kristof, Director of Ecommerce Sales at Nestlé Purina North America, said, "This exciting new tool provides…data at our fingertips, and we are eager to see how the platform continues to evolve."


At Walmart Media Group, we’re excited to take the next step in our self-serve journey — a journey focused on building trust through transparency as we enable our advertisers to build meaningful connections with Walmart customers in our stores and online.

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Source: 1Walmart First Party data, 2020. 2Walmart First Party data, Customer Science A&U study, 2020. Data reflects U.S. households that shopped Walmart at least once in the past 12 months & includes store-only, online-only and omnichannel customers.


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