Nestlé Purina – Beefing up their Walmart partnership

January 01, 2021



In 2019, Nestlé Purina Petcare wanted to optimize its marketing investment and establish a collaborative partnership with Walmart Media Group.

  • Improve media efficiency
  • Increase sales
  • Strengthen Walmart partnership

Consultative partnership with regular connections to plan integrated solutions, maximize budget, align on media-driven sales goals, and ensure flawlessly executed Always On campaigns

Big Wins

Purina’s investment yielded strong incremental sales and Return On Ad Spend. This resulted in a +14% share-of-voice increase.


Walmart and Purina teams met monthly at the Walmart Home Office in Arkansas or the Purina Home Office in Missouri to align on plans and tactical execution, including campaign launches and in-flight optimization, inventory availability, and customized shelf and browse pages.

Multiple Teams with Unified Goals
TimingJuly - November 2019
WalmartWalmart Media Group

eCommerce Pets category team

Stores Pets category team

Pets buyer team

Division merchandise managers
PurinaSupply chain


Shopper marketing


A media investment maximized to deliver an effective Always On strategy, with 27 Display and 58 Sponsored Products campaigns.


Establish a cross-functional relationship with Walmart to build successful, highly cost-effective campaigns.

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