Walmart Connect’s Emerging Sales division leader Kyle McWhirter on ‘helping Walmart shoppers discover new and exciting brands’
October 29, 2023

Kyle McWhirter, Senior Director of Walmart Connect's Emerging Sales division, discusses his role and how his team adopts a 'surprise and delight' approach to assist customers in their shopping journey. With over a decade of industry experience, Kyle is passionate about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs in their quest to grow their sales and market share in the digital economy.

Introducing the Emerging Sales team

The Emerging Sales team is dedicated to helping small and midsized businesses connect the next generation of category-defining brands with tens of millions of online Walmart shoppers. With a specialized team and a playbook for growth and success, Suppliers and Marketplace Sellers can now receive additional support they need to achieve their goals, however they choose. Both a central hub and resource center are also available for suppliers who prefer to learn independently.

Creating opportunity for an important audience

Founders, entrepreneurs, and small sized businesses recognize the potential of partnering with Walmart online and in-store and can now build their business within the Walmart ecosystem. These brands are already experiencing success by leveraging Walmart Connect’s suite of advertising offerings and through the support provided by the Emerging Sales team.

The Emerging Sales division contributes to the growth of the advertising business by creating opportunities for customers to discover new products they might not have found otherwise - it’s all about the surprise and delight mentality! It’s important to acknowledge that Walmart’s shoppers deserve the opportunity to try something new. They deserve a choice.

The team encourages customer product innovation and educates new and small brands on achieving 360-degree success with Walmart, fostering partnerships that benefit our customers. The Emerging Sales team is eager to invest in a new customer segment and support challenger brands in thriving within Walmart's marketplace.

Investing in a new customer segment 

We’re building something new, and we’re just getting started! We are a small part of a much larger business, and we are all doing more to ensure challenger brands are set up to thrive in our marketplace.

By focusing on providing positive customer experiences and collaborating with all stakeholders, the team aims to create joint value, enabling Walmart to reinvest in helping customers save money and live better.

Joining the emerging sales team

I started as a person who was applying for an entry level role in this same space. Years later, after working at some of the top tech companies and investing in my future, I am building a team at Walmart Connect with the same goals and passions, who are looking to build a long-lasting career. 

The Emerging Sales team is looking for driven individuals who share their passion for helping brands succeed. If you're an analytical thinker, a storyteller through data, a proactive learner, or customer-obsessed, consider joining the Emerging Sales team at Walmart Connect. Be part of a special team within America's largest retailer and build an extraordinary career in this fast-paced advertising business.

So, are you analytical? Someone who loves to tell stories through data? A scrappy go-getter? Initiate learner? Customer obsessed? Do you want to arm the rebels with us? Apply here!


Evolve your business

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