Manual campaign enhancements: Ensuring greater reach, access, and control for manual SPAs
October 19, 2021

By Jyoti Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager   

When it comes to manual Walmart Sponsored Product campaigns, advertisers continue to ask for greater reach and access to premium placements, as well as increased visibility and control. And we’re delivering.

As of September, we’ve expanded our manual Sponsored Product campaigns to include additional placements, bid multipliers, and even reporting dimensions. The following highlights those three key enhancements, all designed to make growing your brand and doing business with Walmart easier.

Three key enhancements

  • Additional placements: Advertisers now have high-visibility placements in both the Buy Box and Sponsored Products Carousel to help increase the reach and share of voice associated with their manual Walmart Sponsored Product campaigns. Advertisers must bid on Search In-Grid placements, with the options to also bid on Search Page Sponsored Products Carousel, Item Page Sponsored products Carousel, and Buy Box.



  • Bid multipliers for Buy Box: In addition to additional placements, advertisers can now use big multipliers to boost reach and performance. That’s right, just add bid multipliers to improve the chances of your ads serving in premium placements. 
  • Keyword performance reporting: Keyword performance and placement performance reporting have been expanded to make optimizing easier for advertisers. The “Searched Keyword" column of the report now indicates the pages where ads were served, creating the opportunity for advertisers to bid higher to create exact-matches, reallocate budget from keywords with lower click-through rates or ROAS. In addition, the “Placement" column now indicates the number of times an ad appears in a Carousel, Buy Box, or In-grid. So, advertisers can adjust bid multipliers as needed based on placement performance, set higher bid multipliers for Buy Box when advantageous, and create separate ad groups to increase availability of new placements.

You asked for greater reach and access to premium placements, as well as increased visibility and control — and we’ve delivered. Work with Walmart Connect to take advantage of these expanded manual Sponsored Product opportunities today.