In Focus: Interview with Max Shen | Hisense

By Staff

The Director of National Accounts at the major multinational electronics manufacturer discusses working with Walmart Advertising Partners


Walmart Media Group: Tell us a little bit about your company.

Max Shen: Hisense is a fast-growing consumer-electronics and appliance manufacturer that offers high-quality, cutting-edge TVs and home appliances. Hisense was founded in 1969 in Qingdao, China. Our intention is to make consumers’ lives simpler, better and more entertaining through carefully designed and well-built products.

​Walmart Media Group: Earlier this year, Hisense ran a very successful Walmart Sponsored Products campaign for your smart TVs. What were you looking to accomplish?

Max Shen: Hisense is a very popular brand in China and many other markets, but historically we’ve had a smaller market footprint in the U.S. We turned to Walmart Media Group to maximize our sales, reach new consumers and drive brand awareness. Walmart Sponsored Products is a great tool for us to acquire more consumers.

​Walmart Media Group: Hisense ran its Sponsored Products campaign through the Walmart Advertising Partner platform Pacvue. What led you to choose Pacvue?

Max Shen: We have been working with Pacvue on other projects, and the results are great. Their experience and technology have contributed to our e-commerce growth. Pacvue helps us discover new, relevant keywords we can bid on to expand our reach and allows us to automate our bid strategy. For example, they’ve helped us modify our bids by time of day or page type to increase sales while improving Return on Ad Spend.

​Walmart Media Group: Did you optimize your Walmart Sponsored Products campaign?

Max Shen: Yes, we continuously optimized to improve the results. We tested new creative, bid on additional keywords and optimized bids based on where we saw the highest performance. Our February-March campaign exceeded our expectations: +72% ROAS month-over-month, +46% conversion rate month-over-month and +56% click-through rate month-over-month1.

​Walmart Media Group: Any advice for advertisers getting started with Walmart Sponsored Products?

Max Shen: If you want to grow your business, you must try everything possible. Pay attention to performance — everything from click-through rate to ROAS — so you can optimize for what works best. Partners like Pacvue can help you uncover those insights and adjust faster than you could on your own.

​Walmart Media Group: What do you see as the next frontier in Walmart advertising?

Max Shen: To generate more success from this platform, we, as a seller, hope Walmart adds more Sponsored Products inventory and provides more data transparency to help sellers to analyze their business.

​1Source: Walmart first party data; June 15, 2020.

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