Improve your Walmart Sponsored Products campaign with these 3 dashboard reports


Walmart Sponsored Products self-serve advertisers have a tool to optimize their campaigns: Their real time Walmart Sponsored Products reports. Whether the goal is more visibility, conversions or sales, there is a set of reports to help.

Before we recommend three of our favorite reports, here’s how to find them:

1. Log into Walmart Advertising.

2. Click the Campaigns tab. Select the campaign you learn more about. Here, you can view your campaign-performance data in aggregate: Total impressions, clicks, units sold, click-through rate, revenue and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

3. Then choose "download by report type" for detailed breakdowns of performance by day, ad group, page type, SKU, platform and more.

Now, use these 3 reports to improve your Manual and Automatic Walmart Sponsored Products campaigns:

1. Item performance: This is the way to discover which products in a campaign are performing well and which are lagging. Metrics include impressions, conversion rate, click-through rate and ROAS for each individual SKU. The information can help advertisers gauge whether to try higher keyword bids for the underperforming SKUs or to reallocate that spend and go all-in on the top-performing SKUs.

2. Keyword performance: This deep dive shows unit sales, impressions, click-throughs, conversions and ROAS for each keyword. With this information, advertisers can choose to change the match type for lower-ROAS keywords — from "broad" to "phrase" or from "phrase" to "exact."

3. Page performance: Available for Automatic campaigns only, this report details the pages on which ads are serving, and which pages are delivering the best ad performance. Using this information, advertisers can try bid multipliers to increase their chances of winning premium placements, which can improve click-through and conversion rates.

For more best practices for self-serve campaigns, view the Walmart Media Group Sponsored Products campaign optimization deck.

To set up your ad groups or targeting, check out our first two blogs on getting started with Walmart Sponsored Product campaigns and 4 steps to setting up successful campaigns.


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