Automated rules for Walmart Search campaigns
November 24, 2021

Introducing automated rules for Walmart Search campaigns — just in time for Holiday  

By: Jyoti Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Walmart Connect 


We’re always looking for ways to make advertising with Walmart even easier. With holidays approaching, we are rolling out a new tool to help advertisers speed up the process of optimizing campaigns and managing budgets. 


Our new Automated Rules feature makes it possible for Walmart Search advertisers to now pre-set any or all of the following through the optimization tools in our campaign manager: 


  • Out-of-budget notifications: Receive an email alert when a campaign is out of budget, to avoid missed revenue. 
  • Performance notifications: Receive an email alert under pre-selected conditions, such as when ROAS drops below a specified amount. 
  • Budget change: Allow the platform to increase spend by a pre-selected dollar amount or percentage under pre-selected conditions. (For example, increase the daily/total campaign budget if ROAS goals are being met.) 
automated rules

Advertisers can apply these rules to a single campaign or to multiple campaigns simultaneously with batch optimization.


Automated rules are the latest example of how Walmart Connect continually works not only to save our advertisers time, but also to help them drive results. Keep an eye out for more new Automated Rules features in the new year.


Launch a Search campaign with Walmart Connect today to take advantage of these new automated rules.