Now live: Suggested Cost-per-click feature to help optimize your bidding strategy
January 19, 2022

Now live: Suggested Cost-per-click feature to help optimize your bidding strategy

By: Jasmine Baskin, Product Marketing Manager, Walmart Connect


At Walmart Connect, we have a lofty goal of becoming the most effective marketing platform for Walmart advertisers – from our product mission of leveraging the power of Walmart’s omnichannel data to help advertisers connect with our customers, to making it easier for brands to optimize and manage their ad campaigns.  

Our newest feature – Suggested Cost-per-click (CPC) – gives advertisers strategic pricing guidance, to take the guesswork out of selecting a bid for your Sponsored Product campaigns. This feature provides machine learning-powered bid recommendations that will be helpful to advertisers looking for starting bids or recommendations to help increase impressions.

Feature benefits:

·       New advertisers:  Provides a suggested starting point for setting bids

·       Competitive insights: Helps gauge the competition in each category 

·       Daily updated insights: Refreshes competitive bids to help increase your likelihood of winning an auction

How to use: When building Manual and Automatic Sponsored Products campaigns, you’ll now see a designated column for Suggested CPC, which are calculated by analyzing recently won bids of similar ads within your category.

Suggested CPC will also be available at the keyword level, allowing you to further maximize your campaign performance. 

suggested bids
suggested bids

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