Win at Search: Optimize your product listings

Are your Walmart Sponsored Products ads working as effectively as they could be? With searches up 71% on Walmart’s site and app,1 now is the time to optimize your product listings pages to boost your product’s chances of appearing in the search results.

This is important because products must organically appear in one of the top 128 organic search results to qualify for Walmart Sponsored Products and Search Brand Amplifier ads.

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How does Walmart search work?

Walmart’s search algorithm is designed to connect Walmart’s online customers to products they’re looking for. When a customer searches our site or app using a keyword or phrase, the algorithm scans all available product listings to find products that fit the customer’s criteria, then ranks the products in order of relevance.

Rankings are based on a multitude of factors. The algorithm begins with information the customer has requested, such as a product’s size and color, then further refines the results by incorporating the product’s historical sales performance, price and other factors. Then it generates a ranked list of products for the customer.

​How can Walmart advertisers improve their products’ search performance?

Advertisers have more control over this process than they may think. The first step to improving discoverability is to correctly fill out the minimum attributes required to list a product for sale on Walmart: Basics like SKU and brand name.

​What else can advertisers do?

Beyond including this basic information, advertisers have full control over the quality of the content on their product detail pages. Walmart Media Group recommends spending time optimizing these elements:

  • Product title: Use the first 20 characters to include as much of this information as possible: Brand, product name and product features.
  • Images: Include at least four high-quality, high-resolution images.
  • Description: In a paragraph of at least 100 characters, touch on all of the product’s key benefits.
  • Short description: Highlight three to 10 of the product’s most important benefits in bullet points.
  • Ratings and reviews: Include at least five product reviews.
  • Price: Price the product competitively.

Learn more about launching a Walmart Sponsored Products campaign in this blog.

​Source: 1Walmart First- Party data, April 2020, 2019~2020 average monthly search volume.


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