Managing your Walmart Sponsored Products ads

budget just got easier

March 17, 2020

By Shefali Singla, Group Product Marketing Manager at Walmart Media Group

Good news for Walmart Sponsored Products advertisers! Walmart Media Group has made three budget-management improvements to all Walmart Sponsored Products campaigns. Campaign budget setup and management are now more efficient and transparent, and advertisers have a lot more control over their daily spend.

Walmart Sponsored Products advertisers now enjoy:

1. More efficiency. We’ve eliminated the hassle of ad-group level budgeting. (Ad groups are subgroups of SKUs with similar keywords or goals.) Advertisers can now simply set a single campaign-level budget. Use these guidelines to choose an appropriate campaign structure to improve relevancy and maximize ROI on ads:

"Create a single ad group"
is recommended for…
"Create multiple ad groups"
is recommended for…
Advertisers who want to run automatic campaigns. These ads are targeted based on product information;the campaign structure doesn't affect the delivery of ads. Advertisers who want to run manual campaigns. These ads are targeted based on keywords selection. Advertisers must categorize products and separate them based on their nature and attributes under different ad groups.

2. More flexibility. Walmart Sponsored Products advertisers may now choose to set a total campaign budget, a daily budget, or both All current campaigns will be automatically set to have both a total budget and a daily budget.  Use these guidelines to make the most beneficial choice:

"Set total budget"
 is recommended for…
"Set daily budget"
 is recommended for…
"Set both"
 is recommended for…
  1. Advertisers who do not wish to control campaign pacing,
  2. Busy seasonal or category campaigns,
  3. Major advertisers with large campaigns
Advertisers who wish to control daily spend without limiting total campaign spend Advertisers who wish to control daily spend and limit total campaign spend

3. More control. If a campaign’s entire daily budget is not spent on any given day, the unused budget rolls over to the following day. However, we now cap the daily ad spend so it does not exceed twice the daily budget originally set for the campaign. This ensures a more evenly distributed campaign spend and gives advertisers control over their daily spending.

Interested in getting started with Walmart Sponsored Products? Advertisers can launch and manage a Sponsored Products campaign on two ways:
One: Contact Walmart Media Group.
Two: Contact one of the third-party AdTech platforms in our
 Walmart Advertising Partners program.

Walmart Media Group is continually evolving to make advertising with Walmart as easy as possible. Still have questions on the Walmart Sponsored Products budget-management? Here is the complete FAQ.

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