Your brand. 150 million Walmart customers per week.1    We've got the omni ad solutions to connect you.

Influence our customers at every step of their shopping journey with advertising backed by our powerful, traceable omnichannel data.


Draw in Walmart customers

Onsite on Walmart’s digital properties or offsite across the web and social channels, our visually compelling Display ads keep your brand and products top-of-mind and deliver omnichannel sales. And we’re partnering with industry leaders, such as the Trade Desk, to build automated tools and platforms that make launching a Walmart Display campaign quick and simple.    

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Choose your audience

Identify your ideal Walmart customer segments with our proprietary search, browse and purchase data.

Get seen everywhere

Engage and inspire Walmart customers on our digital properties. Re-engage them across the web and link them back to to purchase.

Measure sales accurately

Only Walmart can track the results of your campaign on our site and apps. Our proprietary Closed-loop Measurement can even track campaign-inspired sales in our physical stores.


Capture customers as they push their carts

Only Walmart Connect can deliver innovative in-store experiences on a Walmart scale. Reach millions of our store customers with eye-catching ads that measurably influence purchase decisions on the spot — and on our digital properties, too. 

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Go big

With 170,000 screens across 4,500+ stores, Walmart Connect is one of the largest digital out-of-home ad platforms in the country.

Make an impact

Stream your high-impact brand or product video across Walmart’s eye-catching 4K TV Walls.

Meet them at checkout

Deliver your brand message at self-checkout with a digital ad on the register screen while customers scan their purchases.


Content to commerce

Earn customer attention in a new way through engaging personalized interactive content on Walmart’s digital properties and social channels, powered by Eko. 

Entertain and inform

Foster engagement by integrating your brand into exclusive interactive family programming.

Reduce friction

Harness the joy of discovery with shoppable content they can seamlessly add to their cart.

Gain insight

Gather meaningful information about Walmart customer preferences and purchase triggers.

Evolve your business.

The evolution is happening, and you can be at the forefront of it all. Join Walmart Connect and put our partners, expertise, and data to work for you.


Sources: 1 Walmart First Party data, 2020: Weekly visitors to Walmart stores and digital properties

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